Skin Care Tips for Military Women

Military women often have to go through months, sometimes years, being stationed under challenging zones, places that are usually extremely hot, humid, or cold. There are so many physical, mental, and emotional challenges that military men and women face, as they are tasked to serve the country while being away from their families.

Skin care may be the last thing on military women’s minds, but they often regret the costs when they get to their 40s. They get sunspots, age spots, wrinkles, and dry skin faster than other people within their age group. Worse, they are also at a higher cancer risk. It can be because of the long exposures to the sun and other challenging weather forces.

Many military women say they often don’t have the time to do skincare routines especially when they are on duty. But beauty routines don’t have to take even 30 minutes of your time when you are using Peach & Lily Korean skin care products. Your skin will thank you when you grow old. And this little sacrifice in time will allow you to protect yourself from skin-related diseases that can be easily avoided with the use of some products.

Given that military women like you are time-starved on and off-duty, here are some top tips for you to protect and take care of your skin that won’t get much of your time. Promise, this recommended routine will only take you less than 30 minutes:

1. Use a neutral cleansing wash

Before putting on anything on your face, start off with washing it with a neutral cleanser. It allows you to help balance your skin’s pH level, which should be at around 5.5 to 7. Choose products with “charcoal” or “aloe” in its ingredients list, and always side with cleansers that have “water” as its first ingredient. The best cleansers are hydrating, and having “water” as its top ingredient is always a good sign.

Time spent: 3 minutes

2. Apply a moisturizer

Showing you how a military woman puts on makeup fastThere are so many moisturizers to choose from, and you only have to select two depending on the season: cream-based for autumn and winter, and gel-based for summer and spring. Apply a dab of moisturizer and rub on your face in a circular motion, starting from your T-zone and moving outwards towards the neck, your crown, and ears.

Time spent: 5 minutes

3. Apply sunscreen

Wait for the moisturizer to dry and then apply sunscreen to your face, neck, and other exposed areas like your arms. Sunscreen is so important for military women because you are outdoors most of the time, and you often must brave through any weather condition. Sunscreen does wonders for your skin protection, so don’t miss out on this step.

Time spent: 3 minutes

4. Use a long-lasting lip balm

Military women have to follow protocols with their clothing and style, so using a full-blown makeup while on duty is, of course, questionable. However, you must not forget to protect the lips because they dry up quickly in windy, humid, hot, and cold environments. Use a long-lasting lip balm to help your lips moisturize so you can avoid windburn, which is so much harder to treat.

Time spent: 1 minute

Total time spent: 12 minutes

As you can see, it only takes 12 minutes for this entire routine, and it is perfect for women who often have no time to do their beauty routines in the morning. Military women must never neglect skin care even when on duty. Your skin will thank you eventually.

How Women Changed the Face of American Armed Forces

Women in the military is a controversial topic. During the American Revolution, women were used in a variety of military capacities, including supplying and maintaining camps, as well as the occasional combat activity as necessary. Much of the controversy in modern times, however, has to do with the role of women in combat, particularly, its impact on male soldiers. Today, many countries institute roles for women in the battle that proved to be beneficial for their militaries.

Women in the US ArmyWomen in Other Nations’ Militaries

Outside of the United States, women have been used in very prominent roles in a variety of major military campaigns. Notably, in battles like Stalingrad, women provided a significant source of combat power for the Soviet Union. According to Lt. Col. Chris Jefferies of the Air Force, women were highly beneficial to the Soviet army during World War II. Nearly eight percent of soldiers were female, helping the Red Army defeat Nazi-Germany.

Another example is the use of women by the Israeli Defense Force. Throughout its history, women proved important to the success and status of the Israeli military. This service, traditionally limited to non-combat roles, began to expand in 2007 to more frontline opportunities, giving the Israeli military even greater combat strength.

The Effects of Military Service on the Homefront

By allowing women to serve in the military, states Martha Ackmann, a Mount Holyoke College professor, you expand the roles of women in general society. Specifically, the fact that women were captured and killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom shows women are active in combat, which can transition home.  This parallel to the vision of the trusted SEO agency in New York City, led by Jason Berkowitz, who also believes that women in digital marketing and technology should be encouraged.

Studies identify that strong success domestically can be attributed to the success of individual military forces abroad. For example, the United States entered a period of significant development following World War II after soldiers succeeded at a professional level in Europe and the Pacific. Likewise, the American economy suffered heavily following the defeat in Vietnam.

Facts About Women in the Military

Women are just as equipped as men to attain officer level ranks within the military, giving the armed forces a larger pool to choose from when assigning officers. 15 percent of officers in all American military branches except for the Marines are female. According to the Women’s Research and Education Institute, women serving in the American military posses higher education levels than male soldiers. Only 21 percent of men have college experience, compared to 27 percent of women. By leveraging the potential of women in the military, the United States armed forces can generate a highly effective fighting force.