What You Should Know About the Military Diet

Ever heard of the latest diet craze called the “military diet?” This diet has been gaining a lot of attention amongst those who like to lose weight fast. It is believed that this type of diet can aid you in shedding off up to 10 pounds per week. Plus, you will not feel deprived at all since you can still have your ice cream dessert right after. And what’s great about it is you will only do it for three days straight.

Eating like soldiers will get you in shapeCool, isn’t it?

So how does this diet work?

First off, this kind of diet has no relation whatsoever with military training or in the military as a whole. It is a combination of chemically compatible low-calorie food which is put together to help jump-start your weight loss. There is a strict diet plan for three straight days that you have to follow. The last four days of the week will be your days off from the diet. BUT, you still have to watch and be mindful of your calorie intakes in those four days.

The first day of the meal plan, the total calories you will consume with all the food listed in the program is 1400 calories. On the second day, it will be 1200 calories. The third day will be 1100 calories. What most weight watchers love about this diet is the fact that you can have a portion of vanilla ice cream in those three-days strict diet plan. To have a peace of mind on the threat of nutrient deficiency, you can purchase packs of custom vitamins to get you through the dietician-approved nutritional requirements.

Here’s the meal plan for this military diet that is probably easy to follow:

First Day

Breakfast – toasted bread (1 slice), peanut butter (2 tablespoons), black coffee or tea and half a slice of grapefruit
Lunch: toasted bread (1 slice) paired with tuna (1/2 cup) and your choice of black coffee or tea
Dinner: A small portion of meat (about three oz.), green beans (1 cup), a small apple, half banana, and ice cream vanilla flavor (1 cup)

Second Day

Breakfast – a slice of toast, boiled or fried egg, and half banana
Lunch: cottage cheese (1 cup), saltine crackers (5 pcs), and hard-boiled egg
Dinner: two hotdogs, a cup of broccoli, half banana, ice cream vanilla flavor (1/2 cup)

Third Day

Breakfast: saltine crackers (5 pcS), small apple (1 pc), and one slice of cheddar cheese
Lunch: one slice of toasted bread and one boiled or fried egg
Dinner: half banana, half a cup of tuna, and vanilla ice cream (1 cup)

Banana is rich in potassiumAfter the three-day strict diet, you can eat your usual meals on the four days that you are on a break from the diet plan. However, make sure that you are consuming just within the 1200 to 1500 calories per month.