Support Our Troops

In response to our Support Our Troops program to various outfits in Afghanistan. The letter provides information on the activities of one such group, DOG Company, 2nd Stryker Cavalry Regiment located at FOB Sweeney in Zabul province near the Pakistan border.

July has been an exciting month, now that all of our Soldiers are in our area of operations and getting comfortable with our living arrangements, jobs, responsibilities, and most importantly our partners in the Afghan Army (ANA), Police (ANP) and government. I am proud to report that SSG Stickler and SGT Sam were promoted this month and are continuing to serve admirably in their positions as the squad leader and team leader.

Across the company, our Soldiers are continually going above and beyond their day‐to‐day activities on specific missions in varying communities here in Zabul Province. Before the missions, after the missions, each and every day the Soldiers in the company are bonding with the members of the Afghan military they live with.

In Shamuzlai, Soldiers from 2nd PLT enjoy sharing tea and Afghan card games in the evenings after patrol. The Soldiers of 3rd PLT spend time in between missions comparing their weapons and equipment teaching Afghans how to assemble, disassemble and operate our rifles and machine guns, and our soldiers learn from the ANA how to use AK‐47’s and PKM machine guns. 1st PLT, MGS, and HQs all have taken turns spending an entire afternoon in the Shinkai bazaar getting to know the locals, sharing stories about farming, and buying fresh watermelons from the local vendors.

Afghanistan troopsDog Company has also been extremely fortunate to welcome new Soldiers from across the squadron into our company that are now serving with the platoons at all of our locations. We now have the additional medical personnel, mechanics to help fix our vehicles and equipment cooks to aid in managing and preparing our daily meals, and investigators that focus on learning and studying the people in the area to help us understand more about individuals, the communities, the culture, and religion. These soldiers are:

CPT Ellsworth, SPC Curtis, PFC Scrivner, SPC Cothran, SSG McCoy, PFC Eugenio, PFC Morrison, PFC Shutika, PFC Vazquez, SSG Nuckles, PFC Alderson, PV2 Clark, SSG Llanas, SGT Szarejko, SGT Kimball, SPC Lambert, PFC Chavie.

Please make their families part of Dog Company as well through our FRG meetings or just through day-to-day interactions back in our Vilseck community.

DOG companyThank you for your continued encouragement and support. We are truly grateful for all of the hard work that happens in our family and community while we are gone. Your efforts, not only within your own family, supporting your Soldier, but for the company as a whole never go unnoticed and serve as motivation for all of us as we continue our mission in Afghanistan.