Nutrition Tips for Bikers

Biking is a fun activity that’s why it is a popular sport all over the world. Even those who are not sporty in the first place end up enjoying biking because of it being a good and low-impact exercise. It is perfect not only for children but also for adults and seniors. It is an activity that you can enjoy not only with a group but also on your own.

Paratrooper with a foldable bikeIf you enjoy biking and you intend to train yourself to cycle on long distances, nutrition is also something to consider. Biking is more low impact than running, so you may be cycling for hours without having any feeling of tiredness. After your ride, you realize that you are dehydrated and low in sugar. It is not a good thing to get used to this because it is not healthy for anyone. The more you are active, the more you must be watchful of your food and liquid intake.

If you are traveling around a city like New York and you would like to explore the area with a bike, it is crucial for you to know nutrition tips that can help you nourish your body while you cycle and while you recover. Central Park bike tours can take up to three hours, so it is essential for you to be ready for the ride.

Here are nutrition tips that can help you recover faster from cycling:

1. Hydrate well

The importance of hydration before, during, and after cycling cannot be underestimated. Even with a cold weather and you don’t feel you are sweating, you still have to hydrate yourself regularly. It is crucial because, without the proper refueling of liquids, you end up depleting your water, potassium, and sodium levels, leading to dehydration.

As a general rule, it is best to drink liquids for every 30 minutes to 1 hour that you are exercising. If you are exercising for more than one hour, have an electrolyte drink with you. It is because, after one hour, sodium and potassium levels get depleted and so, you have to replace them with your drink.

Getting the right electrolyte drink after cycling2. Eat well before and after your ride

If you’ve picked up cycling because you want to lose weight, do not make this as an excuse to eat less. In fact, you should eat more when you are active. But take note, you cannot just eat anything. You must only have high-quality foods that will nourish your body well after your ride. Focus on having fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains.

For breakfast before your ride, fill up with a healthy combination of grains, proteins, vegetable, and fruit. A sample breakfast would be an omelet with mushroom and onions, whole wheat bread, and a piece of fruit.

Immediately after the ride, it is best to take an electrolyte drink to refuel your body from the ride. Up to an hour later, you can have your post-ride meal which should be high in complex carbohydrates. Baked potato, oatmeal with banana, and legume soup are some excellent options for your post-ride dinner.

Biking is fun, but you must not forget to hydrate and eat well when you’re doing your ride. Especially if you are doing a tour around the city where it is easy to get distracted with the sights, it is crucial to be watchful of your liquid intake as you ride, and the pre- and post-ride meals you will take. These will ensure a more enjoyable cycling activity for you.