Moving Forward in 2018 – Health Trends to Watch Out For

The year 2018 is a new year of hope and positivity for the health industry. More people are now getting conscious of what they eat, and more people are choosing ethics when it comes to their food choices. It is good news for the planet and for everyone since people have been doing the environment a disfavor for an incredibly long time. With progress, unfortunately, comes at a cost. And it is the environment that we have to put a compromise too.

Medicine recognizing alternative health remedies in 2018Trends come and go, but there are those that stay for the long haul. They get to capture what people want and need, and so from being trends, they go mainstream. One of these is the fruit and vegetable juice, shake, and smoothie trend. It used to be a hip thing for gym junkies and yogis, and something that was unthinkable to drink for many. Even in the field of alternative medicine, where YinOva Center’s Chinese Medicine clinic is getting attention. However, these days, the market is very different with many juices, shake, and smoothie stands and brands to choose from. It has now gone mainstream with many people taking these drinks for breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner.

The year 2017 has been about exploring the many ways by which people can eat healthier and more ethical. The consideration of many food allergens has also been more accepted, with more people now knowing the importance of taking note of gluten, dairy, and nut allergies. Before, many used to shrug it off when people say they have an allergy to specific ingredients. However, we now know that we must take these health concerns seriously. Any deviation from the recommended dietary plan may get life-threatening and may cause severe health damages.

Now that we’ve said our goodbyes to the year 2017, what can we now expect for the year 2018? Here are some health trends to watch out for this year:

Health-conscious woman checking out food labels1. Ethical eating is now becoming more relevant

Through investigative journalism and the many articles that we’ve read and watched about, we now know that ethical eating is a crucial decision to make in our daily lives. Food used to be faceless, and people didn’t give much of an attention to where, when, and how their food got sourced out. These days, it is excellent news that people are now giving more importance to eating organically and ethically. People are now more than happy to source their food from local farmers. These conscious choices are currently important to people because they do not just like to support the local industry. They also want to take care of their bodies, health, and the environment.

2. Transparent labeling is now a must

It used to be that companies could bury in terminologies specific ingredients that they want to remain hidden. For example, instead of saying “sugar,” companies use “sweeteners” which can confuse people into thinking that this is a healthier alternative. Today, it is a must for companies to be transparent with their labels. It is now against ethical rules for companies to mislead consumers. Therefore, they must never put the word “organic” on their products’ labels if local and international bodies do not certify these.

These are some of the health trends to watch out for in 2018. These are geared towards making an ethical choice towards the environment, animals, and people. Hopefully, these positive trends will remain for the long haul.