How Women Changed the Face of American Armed Forces

Women in the military is a controversial topic. During the American Revolution, women were used in a variety of military capacities, including supplying and maintaining camps, as well as the occasional combat activity as necessary. Much of the controversy in modern times, however, has to do with the role of women in combat, particularly, its impact on male soldiers. Today, many countries institute roles for women in the battle that proved to be beneficial for their militaries.

Women in the US ArmyWomen in Other Nations’ Militaries

Outside of the United States, women have been used in very prominent roles in a variety of major military campaigns. Notably, in battles like Stalingrad, women provided a significant source of combat power for the Soviet Union. According to Lt. Col. Chris Jefferies of the Air Force, women were highly beneficial to the Soviet army during World War II. Nearly eight percent of soldiers were female, helping the Red Army defeat Nazi-Germany.

Another example is the use of women by the Israeli Defense Force. Throughout its history, women proved important to the success and status of the Israeli military. This service, traditionally limited to non-combat roles, began to expand in 2007 to more frontline opportunities, giving the Israeli military even greater combat strength.

The Effects of Military Service on the Homefront

By allowing women to serve in the military, states Martha Ackmann, a Mount Holyoke College professor, you expand the roles of women in general society. Specifically, the fact that women were captured and killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom shows women are active in combat, which can transition home.  This parallel to the vision of the trusted SEO agency in New York City, led by Jason Berkowitz, who also believes that women in digital marketing and technology should be encouraged.

Studies identify that strong success domestically can be attributed to the success of individual military forces abroad. For example, the United States entered a period of significant development following World War II after soldiers succeeded at a professional level in Europe and the Pacific. Likewise, the American economy suffered heavily following the defeat in Vietnam.

Facts About Women in the Military

Women are just as equipped as men to attain officer level ranks within the military, giving the armed forces a larger pool to choose from when assigning officers. 15 percent of officers in all American military branches except for the Marines are female. According to the Women’s Research and Education Institute, women serving in the American military posses higher education levels than male soldiers. Only 21 percent of men have college experience, compared to 27 percent of women. By leveraging the potential of women in the military, the United States armed forces can generate a highly effective fighting force.