We’re Looking for a Few Good Fellows

The SAME Academy of Fellows is a body of SAME members who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to SAME, to military engineering, to engineering and related professions in general, and to their community. Being accepted into the College of Fellows is a great distinction. Somewhat less than 3% of the total SAME membership has been awarded this honor. However, for members who have shown outstanding achievement and leadership (which includes leadership by example), being accepted into the Academy of Fellows is not an unachievable goal, and the Society is sincere in its desire to ensure that deserving members are granted this recognition. The selection process is not a competition.

SAME fellows investitureNominees must be shown to meet criteria related to the following:

  1. Tenure (10 years active membership)
  2. Society Leadership Positions (These positions can be at the Post or Regional level, not necessarily National.)
  3. Outstanding Service to SAME
  4. Career Leadership Positions
  5. Outstanding Service to the Profession (In addition to engineers, architects, lawyers, planners, HR and other professionals have been accepted into the Academy.)
  6. Awards and Honors (Again, not only engineering awards are recognized.)

Although all criteria are important, each candidate’s credentials are reviewed in their totality, so that special strengths in one or two areas can enhance the overall attractiveness of the nomination. In the past, the Baltimore Post has successfully submitted numerous nominations. As a result, our Post is well represented in the Academy.

The nomination process is tied to the calendar year, and nomination packages are due 1 September. However, it is never too early to start assembling the required information and documentation. Although the nomination is submitted through the Post, each successful nominee has almost always played a central role in organizing and compiling his or her own nomination package, since individual nominees are most knowledgeable of their own careers and accomplishments and have the best access to their own career-related records.

Additional information on the Academy of Fellows and the nomination process is available on the SAME website.

Or just go to the SAME home page and select “About SAME” and then “Academy of Fellows”.

Interested? Have questions?

Please feel free to contact Gary Anderson, PhD, AIA, AICP, FSAME, the Baltimore Post SAME Fellows Chair: anderson.plan@gmail.com

Or one of these knowledgeable volunteer advisor Fellows:

Mary Anderson, FSAME – manderson@schnabel-eng.com

Judy Hackett, FSAME – judith.hackett@westonsolutions.com

Greg Johnson, FSAME – gregory.e.johnson@usace.army.mil

Bob Lindner, FSAME – robert.lindner@westonsolutions.com

Jay Manik, CAPT, USCG (ret), FSAME – manikjg@cdmsmith.com

Regan McDonald, LTC (ret), FSAME – regan.mcdonald@atkinsglobal.com